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Chad OchoCinco wants the world to know that his fight in June will be fun and entertaining

Miami, FL- Former NFL wide receiver Chad OchoCinco will be lacing up for an exhibition boxing bout June 6 and is very thrilled to be stepping in the ring.

OchoCinco has never stepped foot in the ring, but decided to after Floyd Mayweather gave him a call. OchoCinco was thrilled at the opportunity and wanted to take this seriously with getting in shape and finding his technique.

“I’m transitioning that flair you saw from me on the football field all into this sport,” said Johnson. “To me, my style is like Emanuel Augustus. Once I got those basic fundamentals down to a tee, I could add that trickery to my game.”

OchoCinco has been a boxing fan and a student of the sport for some time, so it will be a dream come true for him to step in the ring and compete as a boxer. “I never thought about stepping in the ring,” said OchoCinco “I never thought there would be an opportunity to do so, but I love boxing. I’m friends with every boxer out there because I love and study all of it. I didn’t expect anything like this to happen. When Floyd called, the first thing I wanted to know, was how much time I had to prepare. Once I knew that I had enough time that I could look like myself in there, I knew I could pull it off.”

OchoCinco will be fighting former MMA fighter Brain Maxwell and said that this will be his fist and last time in the ring. He just wanted to cross something off his bucket list and call it a day.

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