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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Bash regarding the upcoming IPO, coming to Los Angeles, CA this weekend .There will be adult only shows, taking place every night of the festival at the Redwood Bar, located DTLA.

Bands influenced by artists ranging from The Beach Boys, Beatles & the Rolling Stones through Oasis and beyond will be performing on the intimate stage of the Redwood Bar. There will also be day performances for kids. In past years, the demographic for adults has been 30 something to 50 something, however all ages are welcome to attend. Mr. Bash stated, "If you like melodic music with hooks and harmonies, this festival is for you". Merchandise will be available at the venue three-disc set, CD Volume 24 - 68 tracks of artists who've played the festival, around the world. It's also available at Omnivore Records.

The International Pop Overthrow is an American originated festival. Through popularity, the festival has spread to Canada, and Europe. The festival has allowed bands the privilege of performing at the World-Famous Cavern Club in Liverpool England, which is where the Beatles played before invading America, and changing Pop Music History. The festival is dedicated to bringing Classic Pop Music, and related genres to the public.

Although the festival has featured several major label acts, including Maroon 5, as well as other commercially successful bands...Mr. Bash tries to maintain the grassroots feel of the festival by featuring primarily unsigned bands and presenting them in a festival environment, providing a platform with similar minded artists. IPO was created in December of 1997.The name was chosen to pay tribute to Jim Ellison, singer songwriter of Material Issue, a power pop band from Chicago, who had an album entitled International Pop Overthrow. In August of 1998, the 1st IPO Festival was held in LA, featuring 120 Pop & Rock Bands from LA, and several other US Cities, and bands from around the world, which encouraged Mr. Bash to take the festival on the road. This festival has been successful from the beginning. I encourage music lovers to do themselves a favor and check it out. Please be sure to visit the IPO website (, as well as catching the Material Issues Podcast on YouTube, and on other Podcasting Platforms - every Wednesday @ 3PM.

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