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Carr Insurance: How Good will the Raiders Offensive Line be in 2021

One of the biggest stories heading into the 2021 season for the Las Vegas Raiders is how good their offensive line will be? The Raiders have had an active off-season including rehauling their entire offensive line. The plan for the Raiders upfront was to get younger while axing large contracts from off their books. This offseason the Raiders moved on from three expensive starters in Rodney Hudson, Trent Brown and Gabe Jackson. While drafting Alex Leatherwood and promoting Andre James to starting center.

Needless to say most media platforms and skeptics aren’t impressed and they believe the Raiders have taken a significant step back from what they once were. ESPN recently wrote an article rating all 32 teams by how effective they project their pass-blocking percentages will be. The Raiders came in at No. 20, which is a ten spot drop from where they were last season. Here is what the site had to say about the unit:

“The dismantling of the Raiders’ offensive line still seems questionable, and our projections expect a significant step back in 2021. Las Vegas ranked 10th in PBWR last season, despite getting only two games from Incognito, who ranked third in PBWR among guards in 2019.”

As far as pressure is concerned this unit will have a huge spotlight shed on them for how successful this team can be. The team needed to get younger and healthier at that position and they did. Realistically, they may take their lumps a bit but the hope is they continue to grow and formulate to a strength instead of a weakness.

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