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Can you trust the Celtics to go deep in the playoffs

Boston has been a very good team this season, despite the extra noise and attention that the organization has gotten with transgressions by their former head coach Ime Udoka. Intern coach Joe Mazzulla stepped in and made this team believe in themselves again. At one point, the C's had the number one seed, but recently Boston has let leads slip and lost games that they were up big. Now they found themselves battling for the number one seed with the Bucks, with only 18 games left in the season.

Blowing leads in the second half is a huge concern for the Celtics. We all know that the Celtics have two superstars in Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown that can take over a game, but at times in the second half, both players seem too content with taking long shots behind the arc, instead of putting pressure on the defense and getting easy buckets inside. Outside of that, they do not have a true center, so they are constantly battling teams that will skin you alive in the painted area if they are running transition offense. Boston's problems with getting back on defense after turnovers are a huge concern, because in the last two games, they allowed their opponents to come back and win games, after being down 15 or more points.

The C's. who are much talented on paper, struggled against the Knicks last night. Marcus Smart and others kept complaining about fouls more than they were worried about stopping New York. We have seen this story before with the Celtics. They will have a a great regular season and slip up in the post season.

In order for the C's to get to the holy grail of going back to the finals, they need to play Boston basketball. Rotate the ball to the open person and let them take quality shots, get your role players involved, and stop playing one on one ball. All of these things has hurt the C's late in games. If this continues, Boston will be the ones sitting on the couch, watching the Bucks or 76ers play in the Finals

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