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Can Claire Foy break Emmys history

Los Angeles- For the first time ever, Claire Foy can break Emmys history with winning in a lead as well as guest bid.

Foy portrays Queen Elizabeth in The Crown and was the lead until Season three when the character got older. Foy won Best Drama Actress in 2018. Now, Foy is on the ledge with her being added as a nom to the guest acting category for her flashback scene in season 4 .

Foy is in a very tight race in the Guest Acting Winners category with Mckenna Grace, Alexis Bledel (both from “The Handmaid’s Tale”), Sophie Okonedo (“Ratched”) and Phylicia Rashad (“This Is Us”). It should be very interesting to see if Foy can pull it off. Nobody has yet won both lead and guest categories.

Viewers will find out September 18.

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