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Cam Newton gets a welcome back to the NFL with a win over the Cardinals 34-10

Carolina- The Panthers get an upset win over the Arizona Cardinals.

After resigning Cam Newton last week, the Panthers actually looked like they could be contenders in their division. Newton brought out the cap and looked unstoppable in the first half. For the first time since 2015, the Panthers put up 20 points against an opponent in the first half and looked fully in control of winning the game. After taking Newton out the game late in the second, PJ Walker threw a pick to the Cardinals. Carolina's defense did not bend nor break and got their team out of danger. Carolina walked into the half with a huge lead, 23-0.

Walker left the game with an apparent hip injury midway in the third quarter, so Newton came in, got a couple first downs,and got his team in scoring position. Three plays later, the Panthers walked in the endzone and put the game out of reach.Scores after that touchdown was pretty much cosmetic.

Carolina went to win 34-10 and get back into the playoff race.

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