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Browns lose key player to a gruesome injury

Down by four, and potentially threatening to score in the second quarter, Nick Chubb scrambled to the three-yard line, but was injured on the play. From different replays on the incident, Chubb looked like his leg snapped and was carted off the field. After Chubb was carted off, Cleveland scored a touchdown a play later.

With their star in the locker room for the rest of the night, the offense struggled to find something productive in the run attack. Deshaun Watson and crew found unique ways to get their offense a spark to jump start some productive drives. Jerome Ford had a key moment in the third qurter, as he sprung for a 69-yard burst to put the ball at the one. Two plays later, Cleveland not only scored a touchdown, but converted on a two-point conversion to go up.

22-1 9.

Mistake after Mistake after Mistake kept the Browns from making productive drives late in the game. Watson put the ball on the ground with six minutes left in the fourth; TJ Watt recovered the fumbled and took it to the crib to help the Steelers recapture the lead. With under the three minutes left and a chance to potentially march down the field and break the Steelers' heart with a go-ahead touchdown, the Browns would make Steelers' Nation go crazy. Watson and crew were marching to the beat of their own drum They converted on second and shorts and had the Steelers' d in a frantic frenzy, attempting to stop them. Howver, on a fourth and long Watson threw a pass to Donovan Peoples- Jones, which was out of bounds. Watson and crew felt, like it was holding on the play, but no flag was thrown. The Browns walked away with their curse still in-tact of going 2-0 since the 90's. Watson finished 22 of 40 for 236 yards, 1 td, and 1 pick.


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