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Broncos love what Pat Surtain II can bring to their defense

Denver- The Broncos selected Pat Surtain II with the ninth pick of the 2021 NFL Draft and felt very good about the selection.

The Broncos have been in the spotlight these couple of days after trading with the Carolina Panthers for Teddy Bridgewater. On the offensive side of the ball, the Broncos are one quarterback away from being a playoff contender. However, on the defensive side of the ball, they wanted to set the tone and get themselves a player that could be a playmaker.

Surtain was a top defender at Alabama and only allowed four touchdowns in 41 games. Denver thought that he was going to be picked up before they got their pick in, but he wasn't. The Broncos GM George Paton knew if Surtain was still on the board, the Broncos was going to get him.

"I'm very, very excited, because we got one hell of a player in Patrick," Paton said late Thursday night. "Once it was our turn and he was there for the taking, there was no question in my mind that it was the right move. Teams were calling, and we had our chances to move down, but at that point, they were gonna have to blow us away."

Surtain is a rare player. He can basically line-up anywhere on the field and defend at a pretty high rate. He has the ability to read the quarterback and react in a timely manner, has make-up speed if he gets beats down the field, and see plays develop, before they happen. Denver loves this guy and feels like he could impact and improve their defense.

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