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Broncos CEO and President Joe Ellis will receive the Mizel Institute 2021 Enrichment Award

Denver- Broncos CEO Joe Ellis will receive the Mizel Institute 2021 Community Enrichment Award for his work in the community.

Ellis, as well as the Broncos' organization has always been a team that caters to their community. In 2020, Ellis and the Broncos helped out their community with different programs that brought everyone together. They added and expanding a series of social justice initiatives through the team’s Inspire Change program, contributed to more than $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts, and supported 35 local nonprofits, just to name a few good deeds.

“We are privileged to honor a leader and an organization that have indelibly shaped our community,” Mizel Institute Founder Larry A. Mizel said. “Joe Ellis and the Denver Broncos demonstrate, time and again, that their family and team extend to the city and state. This past year, we have seen the most challenging of times, and Joe and the Broncos have helped lead the way in healing and unifying our community.”

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