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  • Anthony Morrow

When will fans see explosive fights in 2023

Boxing fans and the media are still asking the same questions in 2023. When can we expect to see the specific matchups that have been mentioned since the demand began? As long as some of these callouts have been on the table, the less impactful the results are for each fighter moving forward. From a true contender and consumer point of view, timing isn’t just an in-ring instinct where your reflexes and IQ react at the perfect moment; this is when the best versions of your talent and experiences are both tested and witnessed by a captivated audience and gifted with a memory they’ll never forget. For many different reasons, these fights are not happening Boxing would be the most popular sport in the world if fighters fought as frequently as their fans do on social media. The war on reputations in the court of public opinion are real. On the other hand, is it a brilliant move to keep it as relevant as possible, collect a few easy purses until the last minute before it's completely dry, and still meet or exceed the projected numbers? While we admire the confidence these competitors have, being at the top doesn’t necessarily make your opposition fearful; in actuality, what you’ve really become is dangling meat in front of a deadly pack of carnivores. As Erroll Spence, Terrence Crawford, Saul Alvarez, Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis, and others are seeing, the public demand get louder, fighters like Jeron Ennis, Frank Martin, and the Jesse Rodriguez of the sport are stacking the deck, and as much as fans and media complain about how certain situations in boxing have played out, one thing is for sure: boxing is not devoid of talent ready to take their place. A new year of boxing is upon us, and our dream matchups aren't on the calendar as of yet. A promising schedule has disappointed thus far, starting with Jermell Charlo’s first undisputed title defense being postponed due to injury and Gervonta Davis' legal issues. Fans are not completely wrong for wanting to see the sports best compete against each other, and more times than not, boxing has delivered. Ultimately, the ones we never saw are the ones that haunt not only fans, but the sport itself. And so, the question remains: Will we ever get to see them?

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