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Booker gets booked for a 12 point night in another disappointing playoff exit

After a trade with the Nets to bring in Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns became the favorite to win it all. However, injuries and a lack of depth in bench production plagued them in a game six exit against the Denver Nuggets. "Fish grease popping" Devin Booker was a non-existent factor in the last game of the season for the season. Denver spanked Phoenix like they took robbed them of their pride, 125-100

Booker only had 12 points and at times was not looked in. Since the bubble effect and getting Chris Paul, the Suns has always been that team that people felt teams should look out for. Booker has been sensational in regular season form, but when the Suns needed an answer for him to take over, he has not been that player.

The Nuggets schooled the smaller line-up of the Suns to the point that everything in the paint was "money." Heading into the offseason, Phoenix needs to find a true center that wants to be there. Deandre Ayton has not looked comfortable in the Sun's offense and you can see the tension build between Ayton and his teammates. He does not look engaged nor happy with the play-calling. Another factor that Phoenix needs to rebuild is their confidence in their bench. There bench production was a huge concern going into the playoffs. You can not rely on KD and Booker all the time. They need to find role players that can contribute in crunch time.

The Suns have to go back to the drawing board to see how they can improve, because they are literally one piece away from making another deep playoff run.

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