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  • Eric Martinez

Big 12 Conference launches “Basketball All-Access Pass” an exclusive Membership Program for Big 12 Championship

A new membership program for fans at the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship was launched named the “Basketball All-Access Pass.”  The membership will include a Premium and Priority option, which will give opportunity to purchase the same seat location for the Basketball Championship each year through 2031.  Only 12% of the venue seating will be given for the All-Access for this event and going forward in the future.  The Basketball All-Access will debut in 2025 as the Big 12 conference expands to 16 teams with Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado join the conference.  Premium Members will have access to a floor seat or premium lower-level seats for all sessions, as well as the premium club level.  Priority membership will give access to premium lower-level seats only the sessions their team is participating in, as well as loaded tickets for concessions.  

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