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Berlin Film Festival uncertain, due to COVID-19 restrictions

The Berlin Film Festival is in doubt that they could make their festival work around the COVID-19 restrictions. The festival had to postpone earlier this year, because COVID cases were increasing and they did not have any guidelines in place.

The coordinators of the festivals are trying to figure out if they can have an outdoor event and how it would play out throughout the start and finish of the festival.

“The restrictions set out by the recently updated Infection Protection Act now make the planning of the Berlinale Summer Special a bigger challenge. The festival directors are currently in contact with the authorities to determine the next steps for an all-outdoor event. The Berlinale also wants to explore the possibility of a pilot cultural event with mandatory testing. A final decision regarding the Summer Special will be made beginning of May. Everyone’s health and curbing the development of the pandemic is, of course, the top priority when making any considerations.”

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