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Astros stunned, as the Rays close out Game 7, 4-2

Houston- The Astros were defeated by the Rays -2 and will be going to the World Series.

The Astros gave up a two runs in the first inning to dig themselves in a 2-0 deficit against the Rays early on in Game 7. Houston gave up another run in the third and looked like they were out of sync defensively. A couple of balls got away from the Astros, which turned into base hits for the Rays. Houston had a couple times where they had some base hits, but could not get a score. Astros' pitcher Charlie Morton pitched a shutout and was relieved at the top of the sixth.

The Rays tacked on another score, as Mike Zunino had a sac fly to put his team in the driver seat for the victory and a World Series appearance. The Astors had a chance to get a score with two runners on bases, but Yuli Gurriel did not hit the ball well. It turned into a double play for the Rays, which got them out of potential trouble. The Astros finally scored on a double base hit, which scored two runs for Houston. Houston could not accumulate any more hits and the Rays went on to win Game 7.

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