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Astros did not close the door on the Rangers and the Rangers force a Game 7

With a chance to head back to the World Series, the Houston Astros had to make sure that they could take of business and get their offense rolling a bit early instead of late and that is what they did. Yordan Alvarez got the party started as he hit singles to center field, which sprung Jose Altuve for the first score of the night

Just like Game 5, Houston saw another reflection of being down and tried to gather themselves to find some type of offense in the late innings, but that would not happen. In the 9th inning Texas went on a hitting spree and scored five runs to force a winner take all game on Monday, 9-2. Crazier things have happened, but the pressure is now on Houston as they allowed the Rangers' offense to gain confidence in their ability to strike when necessary.

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