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Arrowhead Stadium will be used as a polling site for the upcoming Presidential Election.

Kansas City- The Chiefs organization is using Arrowhead stadium as a polling site for voters to vote for the presidential candidates.

Voters that are registered and reside in the Kansas City, Missouri, that are within Jackson County are eligible to cast their ballots at Arrowhead Stadium. Voters with Kansas City addresses in other counties (such as Clay and Platte) are not eligible to vote at Arrowhead Stadium. Voters are encouraged to visit their city or county’s election website to confirm their polling location.

Sporting organizations have been very supportive with promoting shirts and masks that screams one word and that word is vote. Players around the league are encouraging others and using their platforms to say hey your voice does matter.

“One of the things that our players have been very passionate about for the past few months has been voter education. We have focused our collective efforts on making sure our players, coaches, staff and Chiefs Kingdom are informed and engaged when it comes to their right to vote,” Chiefs President Mark Donovan said. “One of the ideas that came out of our many discussions around voter education was to use Arrowhead as a polling location. This has been an incredible learning experience for our organization and we are excited to partner with the Kansas City Election Board and 15 and the Mahomies Foundation to turn Arrowhead Stadium into a polling place on Tuesday, Nov. 3. We look forward to welcoming voters to Arrowhead Stadium to engage in this important civic duty.”

Voters should bring an acceptable form of ID for voting in Missouri, which includes a Missouri driver or non-driver license, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID, voter ID card, a recent bank statement, utility bill, government check, paycheck, or other government document showing their name and address


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