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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Ari Lennox will be releasing a new album September 9th

It’s true! Ari Lennox is blessing us with a new album titled age/sex/location on September 9th. This album is different from other projects and Dreamville leader J.Cole could feel that through his headphones. Cole shared his thoughts in a caption on Instagram with a post of a heart-felt text from Ari. “I asked Ari what this new album means to her. What I heard is the highs, lows, joys, and pains of dating life in 2022. But her answer made it even deeper for me. Appreciate you @arilennox. Looking forward to the rest of the world hearing it.”

According to the text from Ari, she’s getting very transparent about some very real issues that she has experienced in her love life. This isn’t a sad story though it’s a story of overcoming codependency, desperation, people pleasing, seeking validation from outside sources, and stepping into self-love and authenticity.

“Transitional space. Very vulnerable codependent and validation-seeking part of my life. I remember the countless times I was kicked out of chat rooms because they didn’t think I was really myself, it reminded me of those age/sex/location days where I actually wasn’t being myself in those chat rooms.”

She continued to share the growth that she has experienced, “Allowing accountability and maturing. Allowing growth to happen. Allowing self-worth and self-love to happen. Allowing therapy. Allowing dating me to happen. Doing things I like to do whenever I want. Learning new things. Allowing that desperation and that neediness to fade. What’s for me is for me and I’m complete on my own.”

Say that sis! That’s some positiviTEA that every woman can sip comfortably.

Ari shared the cover art for the album on social media on Tuesday, and also just dropped a new single with Summer Walker titled Queen Space from the Away Message EP available on all streaming platforms. Thank you, Ari, for being transparent with your journey and letting the girls know that they aren’t alone and aren’t unworthy.

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