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  • Samuel Rodriguez

Are the Suns the team to beat

With outstanding performances from both MVP candidate Chris Paul and Devin Booker, the Suns dominated the series against the Denver Nuggets. The real question that a lot of critics are asking is can they handle the spotlight, as it continues to get bigger for them. With teams like the Los Angles Clippers and Utah Jazz left in the west, the Suns have a tough road to the finals.

The Suns have had a great season. Since acquiring Paul in the offseason, they have been a top team in the NBA. Having a pass first guard such as Paul allows the others to space the floor. Many people have never seen this side of Booker. He was always the main target but now having Paul allows him to show the true player he can be.

Booker is averaging 27.9 PPG in his first appearance in the NBA playoffs, while Paul has contributed with a solid 15.7 PPG with 8.7 assists. These two have been an unstoppable duo this season. Both of their games compliment each other. With Paul being more of a facilitator and Booker being a spot up shooter, they work together perfectly.

Both the Clippers and Jazz will be difficult teams to face, the Suns seem like the real deal. With Paul George being in some sort of playoff slump, the Jazz may take advantage of this. Both teams have match-up issues for the Suns. Jae Crowder will need to play a big role if the Clippers advance in trying to lockdown Kawahi Leonard. If the Jazz advance, Deandre Ayton will need to find a way to score against the Defensive Player of the year, Rudy Gobert.

Each of these match-ups will be great with their own structure storyline The "bubble" team that everyone feared last season is showing the world that they continue to improve.

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