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Anyone and everyone came together to celebrate The Hollywood Reporter Nominees Night

For the first time since the pandemic happened, The Hollywood Reporter annual nominees night returned with a bang. Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Kristen Stewart, Taika Waititi, Rita Ora, Ariana DeBose,and many more came out to celebrate Oscar nominees. It seemed like so many celebrities were hugging like it was no tomorrow.

Ariana DeBose had a touching moment with Denzel. On the red carpet, Denzel recognized DeBose and gave her some words that she will always remember. "I remember when I was the only Black person in this room and today I’m not alone.’ That was really special, said DeBose.

As Awards season returns, the highlight and spotlight will be on representation and a process of making changes with the academy. It will be very interesting to see what films or actors will be praised, while other nominees will speak up about the lack of diverse winners during Oscar night.

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