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Andy Murray opts out of Australian Open

New York- Tennis star Andy Murray has decided not to attend the Australian Open due to a conflict with quarantine guidelines.

Last week Murray tested positive for COVID-19. He was asymptomatic and was quarantine for a couple of days in the U.K. Murray was in contact with Tennis Australia trying to come up with an agreeable timeline to come back to play.

Tennis Australia told Murray that he would have to quarantine an additional two weeks, as soon as he touched down in Melbourne. Murray did not like the idea and decided that it was too much of a strain for him, so he decided to withdraw from the tournament.

“Gutted to share that I won’t be flying out to Australia to compete at the Australian Open,” Murray said in a press release. “We’ve been in constant dialogue with Tennis Australia to try and find a solution which would allow some form of workable quarantine, but we couldn’t make it work. I want to thank everyone there for their efforts, I’m devastated not to be playing out in Australia. It’s a country and tournament that I love.”

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