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  • Kim Dillinger

America is progressively improving

The pandemic highlighted racial injustice in our healthcare system, government assistance, child poverty, food disparities, and black and Hispanic unemployment. President Biden has decided to take action and has a two-year plan to help improve the system.

Last week, Gene Sperling, Senior Advisor to the President and American Rescue Plan Coordinator and mayors Daniella Levine Cava ( Mayor of Miami-Dade County, FL ), Levar Stoney ( Richmond, VA ), Regina Romero ( Regina Romero ) and Luisana Pérez Fernández ( White House ) held a media conference on the progression of the plan.

There have been a 49 percent increase in the affordable health care plan for African Americans, which helped 9.4 million children in poverty. The earn income tax credit was tripled for 17 million workers who had no dependents, which was the first increase since 1993. Small Business owners had the fastest growing rate in twenty six years.

It was with great honor to hear Mayor Regina discuss how the transit system is free in Tucson Arizona, where she use some of the funding to make sure that people in low income communities are able to get to school and work. “ Building back America within the communities of low income, seniors and children’s.

It’s great to see workers slowly returning back to the work place and the president should continue to partner with the mayors to make sure funds go straight to the locale.

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