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Allyson Felix defined all of the odds and will make her fifth Olympic team

New York- United States Olympian Allyson Felix once again proved critics wrong with placing second place in the 400 meters and getting herself back onto the U.S. Olympic team.

On Sunday, Felix had to deal with a little adversity, before she caught fire and speed to finish in second place in the 400 meters. Felix was running in the fifth lane. After coming off the blocks a little slow, Felix picked it up within the last 100 meters. She turned on the jets and literally looked like she walked to a second place finish. Felix was clocked 50.02 second, which was her season best.

With Felix taking second, she qualified for the Olympics. This would be her fifth Olympic appearance in her career, but her first time as a mother. After the celebration, this is what Felix had to say about overcoming hurdles. "Man, it has been a fight to get here," Felix said during a postrace interview on NBC. "One thing I know how to do is fight, so I just wanted to do that all the way home."

Felix has fought her way back to the Olympics and has inspired so many other women continuing her journey.

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