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Alex Smith signs with ESPN as an Analyst

New York- Former Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith has signed a deal to come on aboard as an analyst for ESPN.

On Monday, ESPN announced that Smith was officially part of the analyst team and was happy that that he joined them. “ESPN’s relationship with Alex dates back nearly 20 years when he was gaining national recognition leading Utah to an undefeated season and a top 5 ranking,” said ESPN senior vice president of production Lee Fitting, who was producing College GameDay at the time. “As he begins a new career, we will provide him role flexibility to gain experience on different shows and settings, adding to our productions and benefiting fans in multiple ways. Ultimately, our mutual goal is setting up Alex for long-term success in this next chapter.”

Smith's first half career was an uphill battle with the 49ers and things turned around for him. Despite being injured in 2012, Smith was one of the reasons why the 49ers made a Super Bowl appearance. A year later, Smith took his talents to the Kansas City Chiefs and had some success with the organization for four years. In 2018, Smith was picked up by the Washington Redskins/ Football Team and had a decent season until he suffered a life threatening leg injury.

After Smith overcame the injury, he decided to step back on the field in 2020. Last season, he started a couple of games and was named Comeback Player of the Year.

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