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AJ McKee pops the champagne with a victory over Patricio Pitbull

Los Angeles- AJ McKee ends Patricio Pitbull's winning streak with a submission in the first round.

With pride and a lot at stake, McKee cashed in quickly. In the first few seconds, both fighters were trying to feel out each other. McKee threw out a leg kick, which caught Pitbull on the chin. Putbull was stunned and McKee jumped all over him with a couple of punches to the face. McKee ended Pitbull's night and winning streak with a standing guillotine.

"We are just getting started. This is only the beginning. When it first started and they were selecting the bracket, I wanted the third or fourth pick. But God told me that I am number one so when I picked that first draw, I knew that I was number one and now I am. Mentality is the key. You have to put the work in and my dad always says, hard work beats talent," said Mckee.

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