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Aces young star shined in a victory over the Lynx

Las Vegas--Jackie Young had a career high of 29 points to help the Aces defeat the Minnesota Lynx 102-81.

Young had it going on against the Lynx. It was like she was a meta-human on the court. Young was playing all around the world with Minnesota. From hitting three pointers, dishing out a couple assists, and making plays on the defensive side of the ball, she helped her team get a huge victory.

"Whenever I got close, I knew they were going to get me the ball,” Young said. “I just came out aggressive.

Outside of Young's career high, the Aces had four players that scored in double figures. With the win over the Lynx, the Aces are a half game back from trying to steal the first seed away from the Sun. With only a couple games away from post-season play, things could get pretty interesting with the standings.

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