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Aces were defeated by New York Liberty to extend the series 87-73

What more can we say about the Aces and their dominance in the WNBA Finals? They have completely shut down Sabrina Ionescu and made life difficult for Breanna Stewart in this series. With a chance to be in the history books with winning back-to-back champions since 2002 if they won Game 3.

Game 3 was a bit different than the previous two. New York jumped all over the Aces in the first quarter, but Kelsey Plum gave the Aces a much-needed lift. Plum kept her foot on the gas and put her team in position to be within striking distance at the half. Despite going into the half, down by three, the Aces were pretty happy at the last three minutes of the second quarter, as they went on a 12-4 run to get back into the game.

I don't know what was going on in the second half, but the Aces couldn't hit a bucket and the lack of energy on both sides of the ball, was not there. You would think that the Aces would somehow find some way to get back into the game, but it looked like the players of Vegas was extremely gassed. Aja Wilson led a late charge, but the outside shooting of New York kept the Aces from bringing out their brooms for a potential sweep. New York went on to win and force another game.


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