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Aces come back in the second half to beat the Liberty 78-76

Bradenton, Fl- Aja Wilson put the Aces on her back, as her 31 points helped the Aces get a victory over the New York Liberty, 78-76.

With under three minutes left in regulation and the Aces down by three, the Aces tried to put pressure on the Liberty's guard, as they went into more of a 2-3 zone. The zone worked because Liberty had a hard time getting a good shot off. The Aces went down the court and scored to cut the lead to one. Four possessions later and a tie game, the game came down to Wilson. Under 20 seconds left in regulation and a tie game, Wilson called her own number and hit a game-winning shot to win it for her team. Wilson finished the game with 31 points, 2 assists, and 5 rebounds.

Outside of Wilson and Jackie Young, who had 15 points, the Aces struggled to find any type of offense. It seemed like they were tired and the intensity level was not where it was supposed to be in this game against the Liberty. Coach Laimbeer did not like what he saw in practice earlier and felt like this was a trap game for his team. "We got lucky coming out of this game with a win. I knew that our energy was not there today and we just got lucky."

Check out what other things coach Laimbeer had to say about the team.

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