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  • Alex Seccia

A Christmas story ended with a night of TKO's

Christmas day 2021, while most people sat with loved ones for Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts with loved ones for the holiday, Vito Mielnicki Jr and 23 other guys went to war. Their battlefield, the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. PBC (Premier Boxing Champions) and FOX Sports gave a spectacle under everyone’s tree. From surprising decision’s to intense knockouts. FOX gave people a reason to watch boxing over football.

Vito Mielnicki Jr was the headline fighter going toe to toe with Nicholas Delomba. In a bout set for 10 rounds Vito applied the pressure right out the gate. With hundreds in attendance and his father ringside, the young welterweight fought with: precision, speed, and power.

In what looked to be a quick finish Vito landed a right hand. A shot he described as “It was a beautiful right hand that hurt him” (Mielnicki Jr). Keeping him against the ropes and unleashing the fearsome amount of punches, making it hard for Delilah to breathe. However, Nicholas kept his head up and continued to push forward for the remainder of the fight.

Delomba had a hard time contending with the young welterweight, but continued to show heart by countering and pushing the pace of the fight. After the fight Vito said “I think in this fight I definitely displayed my boxing ability.” He also went on to commend Delomba for “being a tough fighter and sharing the ring with him”.

Delomba had a strong round 4 bouncing back from a relentless 3rd. However for the remainder of the fight it was all Mielnicki Jr. Vito played tight, utilized the jab, and was able to find openings in the body and even within Delomba’s defense slipping jabs through his gloves to his head.

Taking it to the 10th round where he received the TKO, Mielnicki closed the night out in grand fashion. Leaving Delomba stunned after landing another huge right hand. After the fight, the young star had this to say about his performance. “I’d be thrilled to main event here at the Prudential again” Mielnicki Jr said. Between the crowd he can draw and his aggressiveness, don’t be surprised to see the young star headlining again.

In the Co- Main event undefeated Joey Spencer improved his record to 14-0 10 KOs after recovering the fifth round knockout over Limberth Ponce.From what started off as a patient fight, both fighters seemed to be honoring each other’s strength by trading jabs but taking more time to examine each-other. Staying quick and on his toes Spencer was very strategic with his quick counters and the ability to not be hit. Each time Ponce tried to go inside, Spencer hit him with either a right hand or a jab that kept Ponce at bay.

Upon round five as you can imagine is where things turned up. In the middle of the fifth round Spencer landed a heavy left, leaving Ponce shocked that later resulted in a another powerful blow that would eventually be the catalyst to the fifth round knockout.

With 3 of the 4 fights on the main card ending via KO/TKO it’s safe to say on Christmas Day fans in attendance and around the globe enjoyed a night of Christmas boxing.. With the high intensity and high amounts of power, the only time you could catch fans sitting down was when there was a break in between walk-outs. With most fans hoping to see Mielnicki Jr headline at the Prudential again, there is no question he left fans impressed “fighting in a winter wonderland”.

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